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Child Support Florida – General Information!

The Florida Department of Revenue handles payments for child support Florida is very committed in making a difference for families and ensuring that children get the support they need. The Florida Dept. of Revenue works with families and the community to provide an easy venue to ensure child support Florida continually offers a quality program.They have been administering the Child Support Enforcement Program since 1994. They provide this service in all counties except two. Miami-Dade county is administered by the State attorney’s office. The Clerk of the Court handles Manatee County.


This Department can assist you in all the facets pertaining to child support in Florida. Proving paternity is one of the first places to start. Next is getting orders for child support. Florida also enforces the child support orders as well as changes them. Florida’s courts along with law enforcement, state agencies, financial institutions, employers as well as the federal government participate in collection and enforcement of child support.  Both parents have a duty and obligation to provide support for their children.  If a paying parent lives in another state or country, the Florida Dept. of Revenue can still assist in collecting child support. Florida has collected over a billion dollars in child support. A million children are serviced.

Failure to pay court ordered child support could cause you to be in arrears and face possible serious repercussions. It is not unusual to have wages garnished, possible revocation of licenses, etc. Should your income change substantially, a parent can request to have the child support order changed. The court is the entity to change the Child Support.  You can go to the Florida Department of Revenue website or offices to obtain forms for filing.There is no cost for the forms. Any company offering to sell forms are independent of the Department of Revenue. There are private companies who charge a percentage of back owed child support. They conduct their business differently than the Department.

There is a lot of information and (FAQ) frequently asked questions on the site. Since payments are made through the Department of Revenue, you should be able to check the status of payments. As with any important document, keeping your own records of payments or anything else of importance would be a smart idea. (There have been cases where information is inaccurate, missing or not posted correctly. This happened to a friend in another state.) The most up to date nformation on establishing a child support order and enforcing it are also available there.

The Department of Revenue does not deal with issues of custody or visitation. Florida like most states will enforce the order as it stands until new orders are made. Being denied visitation is not usually a valid reason for not paying support. If that happens, enlisting the help of an attorney would be a good option to address that. Children deserve to be raised by two loving parents. An experienced layer or Family court law firm can assist in advising the courts if there is any incidences where the child’s best interests are not kept in the forefront. If you can’t afford an attorney, be sure to check if there are any pro bono (free or reduced fee) attorneys to assist you.

This blog is meant to offer some information. If you have legal concerns or issues, be sure to get professional advice from a reputable attorney who should have the most up to date laws and remedies for your situation.


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